World Polio Day: Cameroon ranked “non-polio exporting country”

25/10/2017Cameroon in the past three years is considered a non- polio exporting country because no new case of poliomyelitis has been dignosed.

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This notwithstanding, the Ministry of Public Health has been committed to completely eradicating the infection thanks to a UN funding that ends in 2020.

Another vaccination campaign has been launched this 24th October 2017, the International Day against Polio.

The day is being celebrated under the theme: “End polio now.”

The President of the National Committee of Polio experts Professor Tetanye Ekoe saluted Cameroon’s determination to end polio.

He said the Ministry of Health had maintain fruitful partnership with International Organizations that supply vaccines.

The vaccination campaign not only targets Cameroonian children but extends to children of Nigerian refugees residing in Cameroon.

The community is being invited to reinforce the fight against Polio for efficient result before 2020 target year.

Even though Cameroon is rated a non polio exporting country, health experts have emphasised the need to reinforce the campaign because 8% of children in the country are still unvaccinated.

The polio vaccine is administered only to children below five years.

Irene Mbang Tata

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