Yaounde: Population in a frenzy after dozens of gas bottles explode

A total of 111 out of 117 gas bottles stocked in a gas depot have exploded.

The incident took place at the Hotel du Plateau neighborhood in Yaounde this 24th October 2017.

According to eye witness account, smoke was first seen around 9:15am straying out of the small gas depot.

A few seconds later, the first explosion was heard. Successive explosions followed and the entire shop was eventually ablaze.

The fire quickly engulfed the shop and the next shops and all its content was reduced to ashes including over 20 tyres and building materials.

The fire fighting brigade and forces of law and order quickly rushed to the scene.

The road linking Hotel du Plateau and Terminus Mimboman was blocked and commuters were held down for over two hours.

The explosions caused huge material damage, but no loss of human life. However, a woman who was in the crowd collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

The exact cause of the fire is still to be determined but there are wide suspicions that the fire might have been caused by poor electricity connection.

Investigations have been opened at the Gendarmerie Brigade – Emombo, where the owner of the gas depot is being held.

Kathy Neba Sina (Intern)

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