2017 YARHA: Organisers poised to thrill public

31/10/2017The Director of the International Week of the First Film (YARHA), Sylvie Nwet has unveiled the programme of the 2017 edition of the festival.

Photo de: 2017 YARHA: Organisers poised to thrill public

This was during a press conference organised this 31st October 2017 at the Institut Francais Cameroun in Yaounde.

Since 2014, the festival is being organised yearly to celebrate the work of pioneer cinematographers, train youths and potential filmmakers and serves as a forum for discussions on cinema.

This fourth edition to hold from 11th to 18th October 2017 will have as major highlights:

1. Petit Dejeuner Cinema: This essentially targets children. Between 9:30 and 11:00 children shall be served breakfast and a film projection to introduce them to the culture of cinema.

Cartons like “The Orchestra”and “Le Pere Frimas”
and films like “Heidi chez le Bruiteur” which are appealing to children shall be projected free of charge.

2. An encounter with a  sociologist and cinema fan, Blandine Blamcevski.

Apart from these innovations, the eight-day rendez-vous will witness the usual projection of long and short films, master classes with professionals, a day for women and workshops on cinema.

The festival officially opens on 11th November 2017 in a grand event at the Institut Francais Cameroun.

Cheick Oumar Sissoko, a Malian-based cinematographer will be guest of honour at the event.

The Yarha 2017 Festival will be organised simultanousely at the Insitut Francais Cameroun, the Spanish Cultural Centre and the Cameroon Cultural Centre, all in Yaounde.

Eleanor Ayuketah 

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