Fighting Food insecurity: 40,000 Improved variety of plantains handed to farmers

01/11/2017The European Union has donated 40,000 improved seeds and variety of plantain seedlings to farmers of the East Region of Cameroon.

Photo de: Fighting Food insecurity: 40,000 Improved variety of plantains handed to farmers

Beneficiaries of this elaborate Agro Pastoral Project known as the Economic Empowerment and Food Security Support Project in the East (PAAESA) all hail from three Sub Divisions of the Region including Bertoua 1 Manjo and Kuete.

The seedlings which were donated by the European Union were officially handed to beneficiaries by Chief of the PAAESA Project for East Region Tangu Samuel.

Mr. Tangu Samuel called on the young farmers to be intensional in the business of plantain multiplication so to improve the population’s livelihood and consequently increase living standard.

The farmers who benefited from the largess, are those who received training from the PAAESA method of plantain multiplication, and those of the Kaïga Young Farmer’s Schools of the East Region.

They were also encouraged to go for an advanced training so to boost not just only quantity but quality production.

The plantain seedlings according to agricultural experts, is a desease resistant and fast growing variety.

Apart from plantain production, other Agro Pastoral Projects such as Cassava and Fish Farming are equally being carried in the three Sub Divisions of the East Region, (Bertoua 1 Manjo and Kuete Sub Divisions).

The project aims at supervising 500 producers, including 100 farmers, 200 plantain and 200 Cassava producers of the three Sub Divisions under the Lom-and-Djerem and Kadey Divisions of the East Region.

They are expected to produce 600 tonnes of plantain and 3000 tonnes of cassava over the same period.

The three year project targets four Regions of Cameroon which are: The East, Adamawa, North and Far North Regions given that the influx of refugees from the Central African Republic has greatly contributed to food shortage in these Regions.

Irene Mbang Tata 

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