Fighting insecurity: Assasins of Principal in Foumban arrested

02/11/2017The presumed assasins of Charles Etoundi, Principal of the Sultan Mbombo Njoya Government High School have been arrested.

Photo de: Fighting insecurity: Assasins of Principal in Foumban arrested

The three suspects, Molium Serge Daniel age 31, Fendoum Michael 22 and Tchandinie Theophile Cyrille 25 were apprehended around Niete (near Kribi in the South Region).

They have been presented at the Prosecutor’s office in Foumban amidst an angry crowd.

The Anti- criminal unit of the Bafoussam Judicial Police
led them to the scenes where, on the night of 22nd / 23rd September 2017, they did not only murder the Principal but a shop owner.

The first stop was at the shop where Thomy was killed at about 10p.m.

Next was at the home of the Principal of Sultan Mbombo Njoya Government School principal Charles Etoundi.

When reenacting the crime, it came out that, upon arrival at his resident, the hands of his security guards were tied inorder to get easy access into the home.

As the presumed murderers remain in custody waiting to face trial at the Court of First Instance Foumban, a man hunt is on for the presumed gang leader, Sallah.

Irene Mbang Tata

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