The deputy General Manager

Emmanuel WONGIBE, Deputy Director General of CRTV: discipline works for each and everyone’s good.

The seasoned journalist turned Manager is a household name in Cameroon’s media landscape. His write ups on different platforms get right through to the heart of the matter.

Astute, disciplined and innovative, Emmanuel WONGIBE is simple and practical.

He is also creative, as evidenced by his managerial style at the CRTV Marketing and Communication Agency, CMCA where he served as Director Delegate before his promotion to Deputy Director General of the Cameroon Radio Television.

His assertiveness and loves accuracy are qualities that became glaring under the previous management when he served as Technical Adviser to the Director General before he was appointed at the CMCA as Director Delegate.

Emmanuel WONGIBE, Deputy Director General of the CRTV is a straight-talking ‘doer’, who puts creativity at the top of his agenda.

His influence in the Management of the state broadcaster is also felt in the area of discipline where he preaches by example.

He personally monitors and evaluates several TV programmes and those of the new channel CRTV News and CRTV Sports.

It is not uncommon to meet the Deputy DG in the studios having a firsthand feeling of the workings of his collaborators.

He has also established a mutually beneficial working relationship with the Director General, Charles Ndongo and the board of Directors.

The seasoned Journalist keeps memories of his days behind the microphone. He presented the English Language Newscast on TV and Radio. He also produced and anchored different programmes, the first being an Environment Documentary Series called “Voice in the Wilderness. The programme discussed major issues relating to the environment including desertification, deforestation, recycling amongst others.

Hands-on solutions on environmental issues was the focus of another programme he produced entitled, “Just a Step”. The programme discussed  concrete responses to the many environmental challenges and domonstrated on how waste of different forms can be transformed to useful items like compose manure, dulls and others.

The two programmes were complementary.  The first, spotlighted  the major challenges facing the environment while the second highlighted what  people need to do about it.

Emmanuel WONGIBE explained that the transition from Journalist to manager was  effortless. It however required some preliminary training to acquired managerial skills. In this light he obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Wales in 1991which facilitated his work as a consultant on Journalism and media issues and later Environment and Climate Change issues which he had became very passionate about. Talking about his transition from journalist to senior manager, the Deputy DG said, “I don’t just like journalism but I am a journalist”.

He added that he continues to run and presents a radio program every Sunday entitled, “Whispers of the Legend”.

The Programme  promote a culture of reading through the presentation of some of the best books he has read on African History, African Heroes and Heroines and events with strong impact on the African Continent.

“Putting on the Journalistic hat is one of my most exciting moments”, he says.

One of the major role of the Deputy General Manager is to enforce discipline within the corporation. “I believe that nothing substantial and durable can be achieved where orderliness, respect for rules and laws does not exist. CRTV has its own share of problems of indiscipline but it is not unique to CRTV as far as Cameroon is concerned”. He said.

He noted that his major challenge is to make people realise that discipline is directly related to productivity whereas indiscipline hurts everyone, “discipline works for each and everyone’s good”, he emphasised.

Discipline is a difficult task to handle because the manager is required and should be able to ensure that in the quest for discipline there should be “fairness, equity and consistency and accept in the process that he who has the task of bringing sanctity into any environment is not the one that many people appreciates.”

He adds that he is not worried about that because someone has to do it because of its importance in any community of humans.

Inspite of his busy schedule, the Deputy Director General of the CRTV, Emmanuel WONGIBE also creates time to play lawn tennis his favourite sports and do farming another passion.

Elvis Teke

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