2018 Miss Cameroon Contest: Finalists do last rehearsal

Up on the Febe Hill in Yaounde, music is emanating from one of the halls of the Monastery as the twenty-four finalists of the 2018 Miss Cameroon Contest do last rehearsals.

The first session of this Friday 29th December 2017 focused on choreography.

The ladies catwalked and danced to the rhythm of various songs.

It was not an easy session as their trainers kept on stopping them so as to correct errors.

Tempers did flair but they were calmed down with jokes and laughter as everyone understood the essence of this rehearsal, perfection.

The ladies had to catwalk, turn around and pose then walk back as if they were on the runway.

The Artistic Director of the Organising Comittee of Miss Cameroon (COMICA), Stephane Fashion closely watched the ladies as they rehearsed.

He mentioned that during the final stage tomorrow, the ladies shall appear in the same clothes (but for the parade in traditional outfits), same shoes and with the same hairdo.

This, he explained, is to ensure that all the ladies are evaluated on the same basis.

The D-day for the finals, 30th December 2017, will include the parade of all 24 ladies in various attires ranging from traditional wears to outdoor attires, swimsuits and evening gowns.

It is promising to be an exciting moment especially for the twenty four finalists who all hope to emerge winner of the 2018 Miss Cameroon crown.

Mercy Joyce Ashu Arrah, one of the finalists says she is a little tensed yet confident about the D-day since she has been working hard.

Johanna Eyike, another finalist is stressed up yet hopes for the best.

After the choreography rehearsals, the ladies went in to try more dresses ahead of the grand finale on Saturday 30th December 2017.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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