2017 YA-FE : Christmas trade fair relocated to Yaounde Multisports Complex

It is a busy Wednesday morning at the Yaounde Multisports Complex this 13th December 2017.

Metal tools are at work as tents are being pitched, stands are being erected and giant merry-go-rounds are being set up.

All these activities are in the build up to the 12th edition of the Yaounde Christmas fair, Yaounde en Fete, fondly called YA-FE.

The event to run from 16th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018 is taking place at the Multisports Complex for the first time.

The first editions of YA-FE were organised at the May 20 Boulevard. The ground was later moved to the courtyard of the Yaounde Conference Centre and this time, to the Multisports Complex.

Many have saluted the decision to move to the Yaounde Multisports Complex.

Elliot Ewanoge says the former site at the Yaounde Conference Centre was relatively far-off. He relates it to the May 20 Boulevard site which he considers very accessible but too exposed.

Elliot considers the Multisports Complex as best since it is enclosed and accessible to all with adequate security.

Laura, another Yaounde inhabitant confirmed the Yaounde Multisports Complex as more secure with easier access.

Some taxi drivers downtown Yaounde have a different opinion as they say security has to be stepped up especially around the Briquiterie neighbourhood since according to them, the area is not too safe.

The Fondation Internationale Interprogress, organisers of the event say tradition will be respected on this 12th edition:

1. Outdoor games for kids and adults; a perfect place to relax with family or hang out with friends.

2. Stage perfomances ranging from theatre to film and music with seven big concerts by Cameroonian stars on the menu.

3. Sales of goods and services at discount prices as well as exhibition of cultural artefacts.

4. Food and drinks of Cameroonian and foreign origin at attractive prices.

Even more, YA-FE will also be a forum to meet new business partners and conclude business deals!

YA-FE 2017 is therefore sure to be an exciting experience for inhabitants of and visitors to Yaounde.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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