The One Planet summit : President Paul Biya highlights Cameroon’s stance

The One Planet Summit on Climate change attended by over 60 world leaders in Paris, France, has ended with a 12 point resolution.

Heads of State and government alongside corporate bodies and the United Nations have agreed on certain modalities on how to save the planet in line with 2015 Paris Agreement dubbed Cop21.

World leaders renew hope of saving mother earth

Although issues concerning the Congo Basin Forest and the Lake Chad were not particularly handled, Paul Biya and the other Heads of State in attendance concluded the summit has renewed hope of saving mother earth.

During the four panel discussion at the summit deliberations turned are three keywords: Adaptation, mitigation and mobilization with one commitment: taking action together.

Each keyword was promoted by one of the three co-organizers: Antonio Guterres, Emmanuel Macron and Jim Yong Kim. The One Planet Summit was also demonstration of the power of collective action in addressing global issue as the fight against climate change and finding new means of financing the adaptation which are inevitable in speeding up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

One Planet Summit Paris 2017
President Paul Biya of Cameroon and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris

As world leaders sought to ensure climate issues are central to the finance sector, President Paul Biya and his peers agreed the Climate program.

The program which has 12 projects will focus on the following priorities for action:

#Shifting towards low-carbon transition and development;
# Stepping up adaptation and resilience to climate change;
# Solidarity and capacity building.
# Scaling up finance for climate action.
#The role of finance to transform business and strengthening the dynamic on climate issues.
# The improvement of financial disclosure and inclusion of climate related topics.
# The mobilisation of investors on climate issues and the development of new financing instruments to support the acceleration of the reduction of GHG emissions and the adaptation to climate change.

Global leaders discuss climate action to safe the planet

The role of governments in meeting the set goals are fundamental, however, they do not always have clear pathways to finance the implementation of their commitments with the scale needed. Greater collaboration between public and private sectors and between the different levels of governments was also encouraged.

Panels discussed on the urgent need for accelerating local and regional climate action to safe the one and only planet. The need to
strengthen policies for ecological and inclusive transition towards a low-carbon and climate resilient economy was featured in panel discussions.

The summit recommended that government’s fundamental role in ensuring the objectives of the Paris Agreement through public policies that send strong economic and political signals so that all actors can deeply change their production and consumption patterns towards low-carbon solutions.

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, President Paul Biya reiterated the call on the world’s biggest polluters to finance developing countries fight climate change.

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