Weekend before Christmas : Rich cultural agenda in view

Three days to Christmas, Cameroonians are looking forward to a fun weekend which overflows to Monday 25th December, the day it is believed Baby Jesus was born.

A number of Christian concerts are on scheduled to celebrate the Feast of Nativity.

At the Saint Raphael and Tobias Parish, Oliga – Mbankolo, Christians shall be treated to carols and other songs of celebration from 6:30pm this Friday 22nd December 2017.

Christmas Eve Sunday, lovers of Gospel music are expected at the Biscuiterie neighbourhood in Yaounde where the Voice of the Spirit Choir will sing at a grand concert dubbed, “A Day of Prayer Rain.”

Those in love with Kmer beats are invited to take an appointment with Coco Argentée at a concert in Chatel Ekoudoum, Yaounde as from nine pm, this Friday 22nd December.

“R”and “B” lovers need to save a date in Limbe, Saturday 23rd December 2017. They will be thrilled with music from Tzy Panchak as he presents his latest songs, “Woman Crush” and “Ngueme”.

Also, at the Hotel Pullman Douala Rabingha, there is a pool party on Saturday from seven pm.

Back to Yaounde, lovers of Cameroonian culture and fashion need to visit the May 20 Boulevard where the 2017 edition of the Chrismas trade fair, Yaounde en Fête (YA-FE) opens this weekend.

The yearly rendezvous will include exhibitions and music concerts, amongst other entartainment.

Also, a beer fair which has been on-going at the esplanade of the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium draws its curtains up this weekend.

Chrismas Eve Church Services will crown it all as most Christians will be in Church in the evening of Sunday 24th December 2017.

Photo credit: https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com

Eleanor Ayuketah

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