End of Year feastivities: Yaounde wakes up slowly after Christmas Day

Today is 26th December 2017, the day after Christmas festivities. There is relative calm though signs of yesterday’s sumptuous celebration are very visible in Yaounde.

In some homes, the sound of brooms and dishes could be heard as early as six am; time to clean the house after the Christmas Day celebration.

In the Biyem Assi neighbourhood, there is a public trash can begging to be emptied of its content.

A similar mountain of trash at the Mballa II neighbourhood tells the story of the intensity of yesterday’s feast.

Over at snack bars, serious cleaning up is on-going as bar owners prepare to receive more customers, later today.

Traffic flow is smooth this Tuesday as fewer cars are spotted on the streets, as if to say many are yet to recover from Christmas Day’s excesses.

Even the markets are less congested this morning as compared to a few days ago. The hustle and bustle for the New Year feast is sure to begin later this week.

Meantime, the hospitals and gendermarie have few recorded cases of casaulties from yesterday’s celebrations.

In all, this 26th December 2017 morning is relatively low-keyed as most Yaounde inhabitants need more time to resume activities of the day.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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