CERAC: 25th National Assembly   ends with rich cultural display 

The Circle of Friends of Cameroon CERAC on Wednesday 20th December 2017 held the 25th National Assembly meeting at its Headquaters in Yaounde .

As it is the tradition, members  evaluated activities of 2017 and  agreed on a plan of action for the 2018 year.

During deliberations chaired by CERAC’s General Coordinator Linda Yang it was stated that  90% of the 2017 plan of action was realised.

Members agreed that focus in 2018 will be on projects intended to improve on the well being of vulnerable persons in the domain of health, education and social services.

After discussions, CERAC organised a special cultural session in the presence of invited quests.

The event saw stage performances of big names in the domain of culture.

The association’s founding President Mrs Chantal Biya and  other top  Government officials were thrilled by the richness of Cameroon’s diverse culture.

Traditional dance groups accompanied big artists like Francoise Misse Ngoh, Afoh Akom Daphée and Mbila Bell from Congo Kinshasa to give grandeur to the event which officially marks end of year for CERAC.

Irene Mbang Tata

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