Christmas 2017: Christians celebrate the birth of Christ

Today is Monday 25th December, its a day christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ .

In churches and cathedrals, special services are organised .

However the presbyterian christians in Yaounde are celebrating in mourning following the brutal murder of the Parish Pastor of Nkolbisson.

His remains were discoverd within the church premises on 24th December 2017.

The Presbyterian Pastor of East Mungo North Rev Emmanuel Massock exhorted Christians  to stay calm and look up to Jesus who alone is their source of hope and comfort.

Inspite of the state of mourning, the Christmas message was “Jesus is God’s Word of Life”.

Christians were told Jesus is the giver of everlasting life, a life that can be lived even after physical death, death being a temporal separation.

Also in most Baptist churches in Yaounde, Christians were asked to celebrate the day in reflection on the preachings of the Bible away from worldly distractions.

The arguement is that Christmas cannot be celebrating without Christ who is the reason why the feast exists.

At the Bethel Baptist Church Etoudi the Officiating Pastor Rev. Wepngong Samuel Jab called on Christians to be true worshippers of Christ.

True worship he says,  involve sacrificing time to serve and express gratitude to God. (just like the three wisemen who brought along gifts to baby Jesus).

The worship service in most churches was highlighted by thrilling displays including skeches,  recitations and bible verse presentation.

Irene Mbang Tata

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