End of Year Festivities: ICTs fully in use as channels for best wishes

The new year is four days away and many are already exchanging new year good wishes through innovative electronic mediums.

The most commonly used are the Short Message Service, sms or the social media.

Through the use of computers and phones, the involvment of the Information and Communication Technology has helped in suppressing traditional greeting cards.

Between individuals, groups and companies, the Short Message Service, Whatsapp, Facebook and others are latest trends.

In Cameroon, service providers for instance, have resolved to transmitting New Year wishes through group messages.

At the level of individuals this option which requires only internet connection is relatively cheaper, flexible and more convenient.

On social media, New Year wishes are being exchanged through one-to-one messages, status updates, video uploads and even animated gifs.

The social media option appears most cherished because of the possibility of sending text, images, sound and even videos messages.

The advantage is the fact that the user has the possibility of forwarding a template that best suits their thought.

These modern means of communication nothwithstanding, die-hards still believe greeting cards convey a special feel.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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