End of year Festivities: The countdown narrows; momentum heightens

Buyers and sellers have become more agressive in the build-up to chrismas and new year celebrations.

Market places and shopping centres have been transformed to bee hives as families hurry to grap the last home commodity.

As if to respond to the high demand, lorries replenish the shelves with  food items and other household equipment.

Very special amongst the market offers are shops specialised in the sale of curtains of different varieties  from Dubai.

Dealers are presently making good business at a time when many want renovated homes.

Chrismas and new year is also season when those involved in agriculture bring produce to crowded urban areas and return with processed commodities including dresses and drinks .

The fisheries and animal husbandry sector is also experiencing a boom.

The number of animals slaughtered and refrigerated strucks that keeps arriving big cities tells of the enthausiasm with which Cameroonians await the end of year feasts.

Above all the sound of  christmas carols that continously re-echoe at home markets and streets, added to the vuvuzela whistling from vendors are sometimes demeaning but suit  the context and time of the year.

Irene Mbang Tata

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