End of year festivities: Trade centre boost seasonal sale

As many prepare to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Yaounde, many trading centres glitter with new designs that keep flooding the markets.

The latest is an artificial Manger  where christians believe Jesus was laid after birth because there was no room in the inn.

The Manger, displayed infront of a Supper Market is sold at 750, 000 FRS.

The Manger includes images describing the birth of Jesus.

Images of baby Jesus wrapped in cloths, His mother Mary and Joseph taking watch over Him.

Shepherds watching their flocks in the night; Angels singing and praising God for the birth of the new born king.

Wisemen coming to visit the new born king with gifts of gold, Myrr and Frankeensense.

The manger is also decorated with flowers, fruits and a shining star on the roof.

Store managers say any buyer will benefit from after-sale services including transportation and electrical connection .

Irene Mbang Tata

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