Fighting Corruption : CONAC presents 2016 report

The 2016 Anti-Corruption status report for Cameroon has been officially made public.

The four hundred page document that details all activities in the fight against corruption in the ten regions of the country was presented at the Yaounde Conference centre.

Accordingly, the South region for the third consecutive time is the last on the list in the fight against corruption with a per centage of 22.79.

The Adamawa region tops the regional chart in the corruption fight with a percentage 41.88.

The 2016 ranking of the of regions for the fight against corruption reads;
Adamawa      41.88%
West               37.13%
Far North      36.84%
North West   34.36%
Centre            32.54%
South West   31.11%
North             30.23%
Littoral          25.32%
East                25.32%
South             22.79%

The average implementation of anti-corruption action plans in the regions increased from 29.97 % to 31.95% a slight improvement of 1.98%.

The report has an indepth coverage of the anti-corruption fight in different sectors in the country.

It includes Ministries, the Church, private sector, courts etc.

Cameroon’s Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, CONAC, Dieudonne Massi Gams in the summary of the report noted that Ministers waged a decisive war against corruption which has greatly crippled the economy for sometime now.

The voluminous document which will serve as a log book for the fight against corruption in 2018 was produced with findings carried out by some anti-corruption stakeholders divided into five parts;

Part 1:     Anti-Corruption activities carried out by control institutions
Part II:   Anti-Corruption activities carried out by courts
Part III:  Anti-Corruption activities carried out by Ministries
Part IV:  Anti-Corruption activities carried out by Public and Administrative institutions,Public and Semi-Public companies and other sunsidised organs
Part V: Anti-Corruption activities carried out by the civil society and private sector

According to the Chairman of CONAC FCFA billions have been lost in the hands of unscrupulous and corrupt Cameroonians.

Officials of the commission also noted that the populations have maintained a luke warm attitude towards the fight, insufficient human resources and life threats on CONAC workers has contributed to the sluggish progress in the anti-corruption fight.

The seventh report on the anti-corruption drive in Cameroon, is a report that highlights efforts to prevent and supress the various abuses on public funds in 2016.

The 2016 anti-corruption status report presented in diagrams, statistics and texts gives an indepth account on the corrupt sectors and recommendations on the way forward.

The report will be handed over to the public and private sectors for action.

Benly Anchunda

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