First edition of Archaeological and Patrimonial Arts Fair begins

The sound of local drums made from animal skin and other traditional instruments reverbernate in the National Museum announcing the first edition of the Archaeological and Patrominial Arts Fair to hold from 20th to 24th December 2017 at the National Museum.

Organised under the theme, “Our Roots and Cultural Identity for a Creative Cameroon,” the fair intends to present and promote Cameroon’s archaelogy and rich cultural heritage.

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi opened the five-day fair on Wednesday, 20th December 2017.

During the opening ceremony, Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi encouraged all to revive, promote and relish the culture and archaeology of Cameroon exhibited in three dimensions: architecturally, sculpturally and pictorally.

The ceremony was punctuated by a heritage fashion parade, revealing the beauty of Cameroonian outfits.

Another highpoint of the day was the chanting of the National Anthem with local instruments to the admiration of guests.

The Minister and his entourage left the ceremonial ground and were led to the exhibition stands.

Artefacts and decorations depicting the four cultural zones of Cameroon were on display.

The guests admired amongst others, the mud houses and huts of the Fang Betis, velvet fabrics and bamboo houses of the Grassfields, the “kaba ngondos” and canoes of the Sawa and the horses, thatch houses and shields of the days of the jihad, representative of the Sudano-Sahel zone.

Stringed and wind instruments are also on display while traditional meals depicting the four cultural zones were presented.

The five-day fair will also include;
Conferences on Archaeology and Heritage Arts, traditional music concerts, theatrical presentations, narration of folk tales, fashion parades and dusplay of traditional meals.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first edition of the Archaeological and Patrimonial Arts Fair.

The idea to create such a fair was announced by the Arts and Culture Minister on 25th April 2017 when Cameroon joined the international community to commemorate the International Day of Monuments and Sites.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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