Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilisation Fund: New management team appointed

Johnson Okie Ndoh is the new Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilisation Fund and Veronique Manzoua Moampea Mbio is the new Deputy Director General.

The two officials were appointed by Presidential Decree on Monday, 12th December 2017.

Before his appointment, Johnson Okie Ndoh was Technical Adviser No.1 at the Supreme State Audit Office.

Born in December 1962, Johnson Okie Ndoh is a State Inspector and a graduate from the National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM.

He has occupied a number of positions during his service in the Ministries of External Relations, Public Service, Higher Education, Finance and the Economy Planning and Regional Development.

Johnson Okie Ndoh who hails from Nguti in the South West Region, replaces Paul Elung Che as Director General of CSPH.

Veronique Manzoua Mompea Mbio, the newly appointed Deputy Director was working at the Senate before her appointment.

She was born in 1947 in Batouri. She is a Pathologist graduate from the University Teaching Hospital (CUSS), Yaounde in 1978.

She replaces Emmanuel Alam.

The new management team heads an institution created 43 years ago to regulate the price of hydrocarbon products nationwide through partial or total support of the products’ price increases and according to its financial resources.

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Eleanor Ayuketah

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