Insecurity: killer Gendarme who murder three people including colleague in Douala

Early this Tuesday 26th December 2017, security forces raided the locality of Soa on the outskirts of Yaoundé in a manhunt for Gendarme Takem Wamba Ronik Topi.

The young gendarme who was on the run for the last three days allegedly killed a female colleague Senior Gendarme Doudou Liba at their duty post at the 24th Squadron at the Douala Seaport in the Littoral region. Senior Gendarme Doudou Liba who died from the close range gunshot got married some three months ago.

After shooting on her fatally, he took off to his home where he once again opened fire in the neighbourhood, killing two civilians before taking on his heels.

The two civilian victims have been identified as Djoufack Kevine, a girlfriend to the killer Gendarme and Azemtsa Dany Herman, his neighbour at the Makepe Mousoke neighbourhood in Douala.

The Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the Gendarmerie Company of the Douala Seaport, masterminded investigations that lead to the localisation of the allegedly killer through the Global Positioning, GPS that help in tracking his movements.

He was arrested in at his parents residence in Soa in the Centre region in possession of the gun used in the operation.

Gendarme Takem Wamba Ronik Topi whose motive for killing the three people with an AK47 Kalashnikov war riffle is yet the clear though some say it was a crime of passion. He was suppose to be taking guard at his duty post with the armoured riffled which he instead used against his colleague.

He was recruited into the defence forces amongst the 2015 contingent. He is expected to face the military tribunal on multiple counts of murder.

The latest round of killings by members of the 2015 contingent of the Defence forces has aroused concerns especially amongst the civilian population who are often time victims of these isolated acts of ruthlessness.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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