One Planet Summit: African leaders leave with an impression of being sidelined

The expectations of the African continent have not been fully met at the One Planet Summit that ended Tuesday, 12th December 2017 in Paris France.

The Cameroonian Leader, Paul Biya and his peers went to the summit with hopes for concrete action. At the close the summit, French President Emmanuel readout a twelve points resolution.

This did not include compensation to African countries that pollute less but suffer more from green house gas emissions. Amongst the twelve points include:

– The protection of water ways and desertification to the tune of about 300 million dollars by 2050.

– The financing of tropical zones and developing countries to the tune of ten billion dollars by 2020;

– The creation of one thousand water projects in Africa in five years;

– The provision of scholarships to youths doing research in climate change;

– The mobilisation of development banks for developing countries to the tune of 200 billion dollars;

– Zero emission objectives by 2050

– The coalition for the elimination of carbons

– The use of non pollutant transportation means and more

The over 60 Heads of State and Government present and 130 Ministers representing their countries as well as over 4000 delegates and international organisations applauded the strikes made.

Africans in general and the Central African sub region in particular noticed the absence of actions on climate justice. The Central Africa subregion hoped for resolutions on how to protect the Congo Basin Forest and revamp Lake Chad.

Though their concerns were not directly addressed, President Paul Biya and other African leaders had another opportunity to exhort polluting coutries for climate justice.

At the close of the summit world leaders agreed to meet yearly to examine progress made and adopt new strategies to save the planet.

The One Planet summit in Paris gains credit for having brought together decision makers to take common stance at a time when the USA, one of the top most polluter says she will back out of the initial agreement on climate change COP 21.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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