2019 AFCON : Precast materials for Olembe Stadium arrives Cameroon

Two hundred and thirty two containers of  precast equipment for the construction of the 60,000-seater Olembe Stadium in Yaounde  have arrived the Douala Seaport.

The vessel carrying the prefabricated material from Italy docked at the the Douala Seaport this  Tuesday 2nd January 2018  at 8.45 p.m.

The 6500 ton consignment shipped in an HHL Missisippi upon arrival was checked by the Russian technicians before the Italian officials of the Piccini Construction firm got onboard.

The materials according to the Charge de missions,Gabriel Ngaha is in concrete blocks built with the latest technology to ensure durability of the structure.

The different prefabricated materials comprise of holocust slaps,gigantic pillars,beams amongst other equipment.

Gabriel Ngaha added that the arrival of the equipment, will speed up work at the Olembe Stadium earmarked to host the opening game of the 2019 AFCON.

In a rather reassuring tone,the Charge de missions added that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure the safe transmission of the equipment to the construction site.

At the site to inspect the consignment early this Wednesday January 3 were,the General Manager of the Douala Port Authority,Cyrus Ngo’o, his Deputy,Charles Michaux Moukoko and other top officials of the Douala Port Authority.

According to the programme schedule,four convoys of fifteen trailers each will be accompanied to Yaounde by forces of law and order.

The transportation process will be done in four days,that is, every Wednesday in four weeks.

In the meantime, construction work at the 50,000-seater stadium in Japoma,Douala is on a temporal recess as some of the workers have staged a sit down strike.

The peaceful demonstration early Wednesday 3rd January 2017 was a call by the workers for the restructuring of their contracts and a subsequent increase in their wages.

Officials of the construction company,Wunigen and some local administrative authorities in the Wouri led by the Senior Divisional Officer, Njouonwet Joseph Bertrand  told  CRTV reporters that they are studying the demands of the angered workers.

Admist all these,work has significantly advanced at the Japoma Stadium to play host to some teams during the 2019 AFCON.


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