Kribi: Cocoa processing plant to be enlarged

The over six hectares of cocoa processing plant in Kribi will soon be enlarged.

The information was revealed recently in Kribi by the Director General of the Kribi Seaport Patrice Melom who visited the Industtial unit together with his delegation.

During the visit, one of the investors George Willson said the agro processing industry is quite promissing and will employ about 200 people will be employed.

The agro industrial plant which is situated on the site of the Logistic and autonomous port of Kribi, is Meant for the treatment of cocoa.

It will also serve as the main cocoa export base in Cameroon, where tons of cocoa beans including products from cocoa shall be exported to the world market.

The cocoa processing unit in the days ahead will be increased so to ensure additional tons for export by 2020.

The unit was launched on 14th March, 2016 to produce 15,000 tons of cocoa per year.

Irene Mbang Tata

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