Prof. Doh Anderson Sama, Renowned oncologist passes on

The news of death of Prof. Doh Anderson Sama was received with shock especially to relatives and friends who saw him in church on Sunday, 7th January 2018 looking buoyant and healthy.

The former Director of the Gynaecological-obstetrics and Paediatric Hospital in Yaoundé passed away this Thursday, 11th January 2018 in his sleep in at his home in Yaounde.

He was a prominent oncologist and was the former Executive Secretary of Cameroon’s National Cancer Control Program.
The medical practitioner and high-level academician, who was in Hospital administration for close to two decades published a string of scientific articles.

He will be remembered for the advancement he brought to the treatment of ectopic pregnancy in the gynaecology-obstetrics and paediatric hospital Yaoundé.

He researched on the role of laparotomy which is a form of incision surgery and other methods in the management of ectopic pregnancy.
The technique is said to be most widely used in gynaecological surgical emergency for ectopic pregnancy.

Professor Doh Anderson Sama’s retrospective descriptive study in the gyneaco-obstetric and paediatric hospital of Yaoundé 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2008 revealed that 372 cases of ectopic pregnancies (EUS) were reported for 8779 deliveries during the same period representing overall frequency of 4.2%.

His work revealed that medical treatment was successful in 37 patients representing 13.1% of all cases. Laparoscopy was the first approach used in 19 operated patients (6.7%). Therapeutic abstention was successfully applied in 3 patients (1.0%).

Surgical treatment with laparotomy administered on most of the diagnostic cases (79% of cases, 222 patients).

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