Public Heath: Late Prof. Gotlieb Lobe Monekosso christened an Encyclopedia of Health Practice in Africa

The late prof. Gotlieb Lobe Monekosso has begun his final journey home this 11th January 2018.

He was conferred Academic Honors at the University of Yaoundé 1 , in a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo.

The late Professor was born on 13th November 1928 in Cameroon.His Primary and Secondary Education took him to Lagos, Nigeria.He later proceeded to the University of London, England where he studied medicine from 1948-53.

The late health expert moved to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and later the University College Ibadan.In 1969, he returned to Cameroon to man the newly created University Centre for Health Sciences in Yaoundé( CUSS).

In 1970, Prof. Monekosso was elected to the post of the WHO Director for Africa.He served in that capacity for ten years during which he advised forty-six countries in Africa , the OAU and the Economic Commission for Africa.In 1980-85, he became the World Health Organization Representative in Jamaica.

The late Professor returned home in 1995 and founded the Global Health Dialogue.Two years later, came his appointment as Cameroon’s Health Minister; a post he held for three years.

After retirement, he devoted his time to research in Clinical Laboratory and field research on Endemic diseases. The world- class health expert’s teaching career stretched beyond Cameroon to the East,Western and Central Africa.The late Prof. Monekosso has several honorary positions and has published many books and over 100 papers in scientific and health Literature.

Until his death on 19th November 2017 in Douala, he supervised activities of the Global Dialogue and served as an adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Sub Saharan Africa Schools.

His body is awaited in Douala and Buea for more academic honors .He will be buried in his native village Dibombari on Saturday 13th January 2018.
Kathy Neba Sina

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