State House: President Paul Biya receives 2018 New Year wishes

The Diplomatic corps and the national constituted corps have presented their best wishes for the New Year 2018 to the President of the Republic, H.E Paul Biya at State House.

During the solemn ceremony this Thursday, 4th January 2018, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Gabonese Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E Paul Patrick Biffot presented a global overview of the diplomatic year that just ended.

H. E. Paul Patrick Biffot
Dean of the Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic saluted the courage and determination of the Cameroonian people in facing challenges in the likes of terrorism and other enemies of peace. He said the diplomatic corps supports Cameroon’s effort in the fight against terrorism which is a common enemy.

He based his analysis on the United Nations Security Council resolution 2248 of 20th November 2015, that described terrorism in all its forms and all its manifestations constitute one of the most serious menaces against to peace and international security and al terrorist acts are criminal and unjustifiable no matter the motivation, the moment and the actors.

The dean of the Diplomatic Corps also congratulated Cameroon’s sports men and women for making the country proud in different disciplines before extending his best wishes of President Paul Biya and his Family and to all Cameroonians.

Cameroon’s Chief Executive in his response to the statement by the Dean of the Diplomatic corps called for international compromise that could reduce the escalation of conflicts and lead to global economic growth.

He cited terrorist groups including the Islamic State, Aqmir, Sheebab, Boko Haram that have menace and still menace some African countries. He however noted that Cameroon has succeed to contained the Boko Haram threat thanks to the bravery of its Defence and Security forces and the Multinational Joint Task Force supported by the African Union and International partners, though vigilance is indispensible.

In the economic domain, he noted the drop that growth that has prompted structural adjustments. President Paul Biya warned that the rise in inequalities especially in developed countries that is at the origin of isolationist and protectionist tendencies and is gaining ground for some time now may lead to global recession in exchange if it is generalised. He also recommended the return to an international comprise that protects the interest of protectionism and globalisation.

Cameroon stands for the protection of peace and development and the protection of the environment. The Head of State adds that Cameroon that was amongst the first countries to ratify the resolution of COP 21 hold that the engagements have to be kept noting that the future of the human race is at stake.

The Cameroonian leader also express compassion to the huge numbers of refugees who are fleeing fighting in the middle east and those undertaking difficult journeys from Sub Sahara Africa towards Europe in search for better lives but end-up in camps where there are locked-up sold as slaves. He challenged the International community to arise against what is now the biggest scandal of the 21st century.

President Paul Biya outlined different high level meetings that Cameroon has attended in the international arena prove of the vivacity of the countries diplomacy.

Cameroon’s wish for the New Year is the restoration of confidence between nations with a revival of the spirit of conciliation. President Paul Biya told members of the Diplomatic Corps while extending New Year wishes the head of the diplomacy that accredited each of them to Cameroon.

The ceremony ended with warm handshakes and brief chats between the President and each of the diplomats as they presented their New Year wishes at the diplomatic salon of the State House.

The President of the Republic later moved to the banquet hall where national dignitaries had assembled to present their New Year wishes. It was a moment of communion between the President of the Republic and different sectors of the Cameroonian society, from the legislative, the judiciary, the executive and the civil society.

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