Youth Triennial Plan: Evaluation of road covered

On 10th February 2016, the Head of State, H.E. Paul Paul Biya in his address to the youth, announced the launch of a three-year “Special Youth” plan worth 102 billion CFAF.

This plan, the Head of State insisted, would facilitate and accelerate the economic integration of the youth especially in the domains of agriculture and the digital economy.

The process started with the launch the programme on 11th January 2017 in Yaounde and later in other towns.

Overview of the programme

The objective of the three-year programme is to increase civic education and the socio-economic integration of young people. It targets 1.5 million youth with 500 to be trained and oriented towards tasks corresponding to their needs every year.

This is in line with President Paul Biya’s statement in the speech, “Enterprises do not recruit graduates, but a labour force that is well trained in specific trades and that is constantly adapted to global trends.”

Road covered so far

Two years after the announcement of the Youth Triennial Plan, a lot has already been done to achieve its objective.

  • National Youth Observatory

    In 2017, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou put in place the National Youth Observatory. The National Youth Observatory is a link between youths of 15 and 35 years and the available offers. It ensures the registration of at least 500.000 youths who are orientated for social integration and economic empowerment.

  • Digital Economy

    In this domain, 832 projects have been identified to be financed at 411 million CFAF as first segment of 2018. The projects selected for financing, according to the Coordinator of the National Fund for the Insertion of Youths (FONIJ), Abdoul-Karim Nassourou are those which will go a long way to impact the community and create direct and indirect jobs.
    These projects exist alongside many others intended to achieve President Paul Biya’s “economic patriotism” as stated in his 2016 address to the youth.
    Eleanor Ayuketah

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