The Supreme Court: A solemn session marks beginning of 2018 judicial year

The solemn reopening session of the Supreme Court for the 2018 judicial year in Cameroon was chaired by the Chief Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone this 22nd February 2018.

As it is the tradition, the session began with a submission from the Procureur General Luc Ndjodo. He focused on “Social Defence in situation of Terrorism”.

He stated that the 11th September terrorist attacks in the United States changed the world’s perception of terrorism and the justice system.

Through international cooperation countries have been working together and at national level, governments have adapted the justice system to deal with situations of terrorism.

Public opinion is more and more in support of special measures put in place to fight terrorism.

The Procureur General ended his submission with the place of the court of law and role of the judge in situations of terrorism.

The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court, Daniel Mekobe Sone discussed the role of pardon in the justice system.

The audience learned a lot on the importance of pardon and situations when the justice system gives precedence to pardon.

In recent time, the notion of pardon has been exercised by the President of the Republic when he ordered the halt of judicial proceedings of some accused and tried in the military court in Yaounde in relation to upheavals in the North West and South West Regions.

The Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals has, in recent years, also requested the halt in the trial of a total of 61 persons tried in the Special Criminal Court after the amount accused of, was refunded.

The Chief Judge however indicated that pardon in the justice system rests on the law, the judge and the victim.

The session was witnessed by officials of the legislative and executive arms of government and other top government personalities including diplomats.

Pamela Bidjocka

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