33rd Women’s Day: 2018 SEFEDI another platform for empowerment

The 4th edition of the ‘Semaine de la Femme en Diamant” known by its French acronym, SEFEDI enters day-6 this 28th February 2018.

Women and even men of all works of life keep trodding into the exhibition grounds at the esplanade of the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium.

A number of articles are put on display, from jewellery to clothing, food and entertainment.

The exhibition ground is a melting pot of people with different expectations.

The most prominent group is small scale traders in a number of fields.

Many female groups and individual are using the platform to get new contacts and create partnerships with actors in the specific domains.

Charlotte Melingi for example is a member of the association of small scale foodstuff sellers known as Buyam Sellams in Cameroon.

Apart from foodstuff for sale, she is also exhibiting articles made from handicrafts.

She has come to the fair to exhibit her multiple skills as if to show that women can be multi-talented.

Her expectation is to win many customers and strengthen her association, the Association of Buyam Sellams in Cameroon that is fast becoming a pressure group in the country.

Lady Ponce, the celebrated Bikutsi musician initiated this fair to bring to the limelight women like Charlotte.

The variety of articles on display is a representation of the different domains in which the participants excel.

Put simply, Semaine de Femme en Diamant is another effort at projecting the quality of self-reliance in women.

As important economic development actors, women are being encouraged to be grouped within associations in order to obtain different forms of government and private support.

SEFEDI’s fair, organised within the framework of activities marking the 33rd edition of the International Women’s Day celebration, is another opportunity to portray women out of the home-maker, child-bearer stereotype role.

The theme for the International Women’s Day which is “Intensify the fight against discrimination on women: Strengthen partnership to speed up Sustainable Development” could not have been more timely.

As if to state that “work without play makes Jack a a dull boy”, a number of recreational activities are on schedule to piece SEFEDI.

Musical concerts, food and drinks are other additions that make the fair an attractive spot.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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