33rd International Women’s Day: A maiden edition of Festi Nyama on schedule

The inaugural edition of a festival to promote Cameroonian food dubbed “Le Festi Nyama” is on schedule from 2nd through 8th March 2018 in Yaounde.

The festival introduced by Huguette Nadia Tagne, an events planner, caterer and member of an association of caterers, ‘Afro Cultur’ is part of activities marking the 33rd edition of the International Women’s Day celebration.

Details of this festival was communicated to pressmen during a briefing this 28th February 2018.

During the encounter, the Moderator, an Anthropologist, Bingono Bingono discussed the importance of traditional meals.

Bingono Bingono posits that traditional meals are not only appetising but are nourishing to the body.

His statement was supported by a representative from the Inter-State Institution of Scientific Co-operation for the Preservation, Diffusion & Valorization of the African Cultural Heritage (CERDOTOLA), Dr Ignace Bertrand Ndzana. He seized the opportunity to enlighten the public on CERDOTOLA, one of the partners to this festival.

He affirmed that food is part of our health and that is why CERDOTOLA also focuses on alimentary (or culinary) decolonisation of Africa.

The President and Founder of Festi Nyama, Huguette Nadia Tagne discussed the varied nature of Cameroon’s traditional dishes.

She says reference to Cameroon as “Africa in miniature” also holds true for her traditional dishes.

The festival that has been scheduled to project the richness of Cameroonian food also aims at other outputs.

Benefits of  “Festi Nyama” coming up 2nd to 8th March 2018

– Promoting traditional meals from the ten regions of Cameroon in their originality (spices used will be strictly Cameroonian)

– Projecting women as positioned at the heart of culinary

– Promoting the family as a tool for preserving Cameroon’s culinary heritage

– Promoting young chefs who have the task of carrying Cameroonian gastronomy out of the national boundary.

The programme for “Le Festi Nyama”

During the one-week festival to be organised in Yaounde, participants and guests shall be treated to a number of activities.

– A carnival on day one

– Moments of food tasting

– Exhibitions at the exhibition village on the esplanade of the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium

– Workshops and Debates

– Cooking competitions

– Election of Miss Nyama)

– Closing gala and award of prizes

Eleanor Ayuketah

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