2018 Elite One Championship : Limbe hosts the opening match of the season

After a three month recess, the 2017/2018 football season for the Cameroon Professional Football League (LPFC) begins on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th February 2018.

The football season opens in Limbe, South West region with fanfairing on Saturday and a highly contested match on Sunday.

The 2017 champions and Cameroon’s representative at the the 2018 CAF Champions League,Eding Football Club of the Lekie will clash with the 2008 runners-up, Astres  of Douala.

The encounter to take place at the Limbe Centenary Stadium is poised to bring out football lovers from their hideouts as many anticipate history is in the making.

Ahead of the highly awaited game, Eding’s  captain Pascal Mbarga Abega, expressed confidence.

He considers the venue a friendly ground after he scored a penalty last season, a goal that motivated Eding’s 3-0 defeat over New Stars of Douala.

Still on the menu of day-one, other equally interesting games will  be fielded in different stadia nationwide.

Feutcheu FC of Banjoun plays with Apejes of Mfou still in the Centenary Stadium as second match of the day.

The game promises to be a equally interesting as both teams made vibes during the 2016/2017 season.

Feutcheu FC is in its second participation after being upgraded  to Elite One while Apejes of Mfou counts its 4th top flight campaign in the competition.

Other football matches include ;

-Fovu-Coton Sport

-Yong Sport-Yafoot

-Aigle Royal-Bamboutous

-Stade Renard-Union Sportive

-New Stars-Colombe of Dja

-Dragon Fc-UMS

-AS Fortuna –Unisport

Day-2 games have been programmed for the midweek,14th February 2018

-Yong Sport-Bamboutous


-Feutcheu- AS Fortuna


UMS-Aigle Royal

Union Sportive-New Stars

Colombe-Coton Sport

Apejes-Les Astres

Eding-Stade Renard

Benly Anchunda





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