52nd National Youth Day: Youth village tells story of hope

The sound of music from renown artists in the likes of Ben Decca and Daphne amongst others, welcomes visitors to the Youth Village situated on the esplanade of the National Museum in Yaounde.

The Youth Village plays host to over 100 exhibition stands that project and tell the story of an empowered youth in Cameroon.

Sculptures, locally made jewelry and traditional attires are all on display on the different stands.

At the far end of the exhibition village appears to be a special point of attraction. The young ones are clustered there: school children and others watch sketches on topical issues presented by their peers.

There is much excitement. Students applaud and scream out praise to those on stage every now and then.

Not so far away are publishing houses. Here, a variety of books are on exhibition.

The books on the stands are those that recount the role of youths as foundation of Cameroon in the near future.

A beautiful display of over-head shots of Cameroon’s topography is also an attractive site for many.

Financial institutions, digital economy platforms and youth associations have answered present at this special exhibition fair as well.

Through continuous announcements on speakers, megaphones and flyers, the numerous institutions managed by the youth keep the visitors abreast with their services.

Traditional medicine, home decor and locally transformed foods are also on display.

The made-in-Cameroon stuff have gained the admiration of many even skeptics; the message being that the youth can occupy centre stage in a number of socio-economic endeavours.

Business counselling is also available to train the youth on developping entrepreneurial skills and managing a business.

At the section of fashion and beauty, ankara outfits and other fashion hair-dos thrill many a visitor.

Visitors at the village are amazed at what they were treated to.

Yaya, Junior Takam and Martin Junior, Upper Sixth students at the end of their visit say they enjoyed the traditional dances displayed earlier in the day and the artwork on exhibition.

…And if a visitor to the village gets hungry or thirsty, food and drinks are present and of course, first aid in case of any accident.

The Youth Village which was launched on 1st February 2018 will remain open till 11th February 2018, the National Youth Day.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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