52nd Youth Day:  Youths promote the notion of living together

 The idea of living together is one of the key points being reechoed by youths as they prepare for the 52nd edition of the National Youth Day this 2018.

In most schools across the Nation’s capital, the idea has been expressed in round table discussions, lectures from experts, debates, sketches, cultural display etc.

At the Technical High School Mballa II, experts were brought to different classes to educate students on the notion of living together. The lectures were characterised by a session of questions and answers so students should clearly understand what living together is all about and why it is being promoted now.

In some schools, the phenomenon was reechoed during the National day and week of Bilingualism observed by most schools nationwide, where all French speaking students are required to speak English and likewise English students speak French in a week or a day.

To better sensitize the public on the idea of living together, some schools have taken the campaign viral to private radio and TV stations, by some group of selected students especially those who are interested in the Journalism profession, hoping that their efforts will yield some fruits amongst pupils and students.

Irene Mbang Tata

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