CRTV poised to meet up with greater challenges in 2018

Personnel of the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV have been reminded to make an effort and improve upon their productivity so that CRTV can be seen as a reference. The statement was made by the corporation’s Director General Charles Ndongo during a ceremony to extend New Year wishes to the Director General and his Deputy, Emmanuel Wongibe organised at the National Broadcasting House at Nlongkak in Yaounde.

Some 18 months after the CRTV management was appointed by the President of the Republic to revamp the state broadcaster, ensure its rehabilitation and make the CRTV the mirror of Cameroon with its scope going beyond the sub region; Charles Ndongo and his team has successfully launched a new channel. The 24 hour news Channel CRTV News was official launched on 28th January 2018; a date which marks the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of CRTV’s headquarters at the television production Centre at Mballa II, Yaoundé.

The CRTV boss condemned in very strong terms the fact that several CRTV staff of the Radio did not attend the launching ceremony of CRTV News despite the fact that the radio advertise the “start of something big at CRTV”.  He described their show of indifference as a serious fault.

At the close of the first full year of the management team, the CRTV boss express satisfaction with the grounds covered but insists that many more projects are still in the pipeline for 2018.

For the TV pool, the major challenge is its capacity to cover all major events in the country in an optimal manner while ensure quality in the production of programmes. He also saluted the excellent management of the political crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country this far.  The CRTV should have the capacity to adapt to different situations.

In the meantime, the cooperation should be bracing up to cover major political appointments announced by the Head of State in his end of Year address to the Nation. The CRTV

should also be at of the heart of preparations of a successful organisation of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon. The CRTV staff must revise and improve their skills in the production of the signal, media coverage and distribution of images of the competition so that the “CRTV can play and win its own AFCON 2019”.

He also said following the signing of the collective convention since 2nd October 2017 with immediately application that resulted in a review of salaries and other allowances, the human resources manager should pay particular attention on discipline, respect of professional secrets and deontology, as well as the fight against corruption.

The Director General said the rapid results initiative in the management of the rights of retirees is effective. He also extended wishes of success to retirees before stating that the CRTV is on the path of a new era to build a modern and competitive enterprise that is a leader in the nation with scope extending beyond the sub region. A vision he said will be achieved through the power of collective intelligence and participatory work and no one should continue with impunity as the corporation engages in this new adventure.

Prior to the Director General, the representative of retirees, Veteran Journalist Marc Omboui saluted the over 30 years of service at the CRTV which is one of the most prestigious corporations in the country. He said it was with nostalgia that the senior citizens take leave of the cooperation that had become their family. He urged the younger generation to be devoted to hard work for the success of the CRTV. He however urged CRTV management to hasten the treatment of retirement dues so that going on retirement will be a transformation and a moment of celebration.

The Human resource Director who opened the round of speeches presented a balance sheet of the major activities of the cooperation in 2017 with focus on the launch of CRTV News.

The event that was spice with music and humour was marked by the award of certificates of loyal service to retirees. The personnel who were going on retirement also received special prizes offered by the management of CRTV.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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