Douala International Airport: Government reassures partners

The Government of Cameroon has taken the engagement to raise the standards of Douala international’s airport. Transport Minister, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o made the statement during a meeting with representatives of airlines companies last Saturday.

He gave a two week deadline to provide solutions to complaints raised in a correspondence addressed to the Director General of Cameroon’s Airports Authority (ADC), Thomas Owona Assoumou.

Representatives of the fifteen companies, grouped under the Airline Association of the Douala Airport complaint of the lack of maintenance of the equipment, amongst other issues on 5th February 2018.

They also complained of poor hygiene, insufficient air conditioning and lighting systems as well as the lack of equipment o demarcate the taxiways.

The image that the airport gives to all users is deplorable. Because the service rendered is mediocre. In short, all equipment is not maintained, “say the operating in Douala.

The Minister of Transport remains optimistic despite the degrading description of the Douala International Airport. On Saturday, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o made the inspection of the airport and took relevant notes.

He asked the DG of the ADC, on behalf of the government, to do everything possible to ensure that all these shortcomings are fixed within two weeks.

Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o regretted the communication gap between ADC and the airlines companies. He reiterated the government’s desire to continue the rehabilitation of airport infrastructures including those of international airports in view of the 2019 African Cup of Nations. According to the Minister of Transport, government plans to make the Douala airport, a hub in the sub-region.

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