ELECAM: 2018 Revision of Electoral Register on going

Officials at the Elections Cameroon Office in Yaounde have explained that the Senatorial Elections to take place in March has nothing to do with the revision of the electoral register which has been on going.

The revision process, they noted, do not affect the election because only members of the Municipal Council are eligible to participate in the Senatorial Elections exercise.

In all Elecam head offices and make-shift stands, the registration process should continue unperturbed inview of the three other elections on schedule in 2018.

The ongoing revision exercise will terminate at the appropriate time.

Cameroonians invited to take place in the revision process include:

– Those who have attained voting age and those who regained their voting rights.


– Those who have changed place or town of residence

– Those who request a modification of names on electoral cards either through name change or rectification.

Officials of ELECAM during the process will be called upon to

delete names of dead persons, convicts and exconvicts as they have automatically lost  their voting rights.

Irene Mbang Tata



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