Internation Labour Organisation:  experts rethink youth employment

Officials of the Youth Agro Pastoral Entrepreneurship Promotion Program PEA met this Thursday 9th February 2018 to discuss better ways of involving Youths into agricultural entrepreneurship in 2018.

The meeting attended by a team of experts of the International Labour Organisation was chaired by the Country’s Director of the International Labour Organisation Lucia Paquette- Padigao .

Discussion focused on ways of optimising agriculture and animal breeding programs for a sustainable economy.

Experts proposed the creation of an incubator system of agriculture nationwide where beneficiaries will receive a five month training. The beneficiaries are expected to be later equipped to start-up individual businesses.

The Project which targets youth between 13-35 years age range has been innitiated to create direct or indirect job for many in the country.

Experts also project that the program will increase the country’s Economic Growth, given that 78% of Cameroon’s population fall within the target age range.

According to available statistics, 50% of youth live in abject poverty in rural areas.

In the same vain 80% of youth have not received any professional training

Irene Mbang Tata

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