Minengitis outbreak: Minister of Public Health calls for vigilanc

The Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda has made public the results of medical tests carried out after the death of three persons from the same family in Yaounde.

The cause of death from result obtained, is miningococcus, a highly contagious germ responsible for Meningitis.

The Minister by making public the result, cautions against an outbreak of minengitis witnessed particularly in the dry season.

Health practitioners have been put on high alert and a toll-free number created for emergency response.

The release of this final results lay to rest speculations regarding the cause of death of the three family members that occured between 8th-22nd January 2018.

Many guessed the deaths were caused by an egually dangerous  virus, a hemorrhagic fever like Ebola, marburg and lassa.

After the release of the final results, the public health boss urges the population to be very vigilant and act immediately in case of high fever, violent  headaches,  bleeding.

The case should be reported immediately  for a rapid and effective management.

Irene Mbang Tata

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