Olembe Sports Complex: Construction at full gear despite resignation of project manager

Construction works are ongoing round the clock in a bid to meet the deadline for completion of the Olembe Sports complex that is expected to host some of the key matches of the 2019 Africa Cup Nations.

Technicians and engineers are working energetically on different portions of the project in application of recommendation made by the CAF inspector during their recent evaluation, trip to Cameroon.

The pace on work on the construction site is in sharp contrast to some social media claims following the resignation of the Project Manager, Marc Debandt.

Rumors and allegations went wild on the social networks since 17th February 2018 prompting the Management of Gruppo Piccini SA that is in charge of the building the sports complex to advanced three main reasons the dispel rumours on social media.

In a press release from the group, Mr. Marc Debandt, engineer in charge of the construction project of the Olembe stadium is neither responsible for the financial management (…) nor the contracts of the company. “His work is essentially technical and consists in managing the technical staff and the materials (….).”

He could however not intervene in the strategic decision-making process or in the management of funds. He could therefore not be exposed to any pressure and retro-commission requirement whatsoever.

The State of Cameroon and its partner the Confederation of African Football (CAF) prescribed an acceleration of the work of the construction site in other to meet up with the December 2018 deadline.

In this light, CAF recommended readjust his organization chart of the project in order to simultaneously realize several works. The Gruppo Piccini complied with the new orientation which did not seem to please Mr. Marc Debandt, whose professional qualities of engineer were never questioned, the release added.

As project manager, Marc Debandt was overseer of the entire project but the readjustments made him in charge of one section of the project. He consequently resigned.

Effect of his resignation

The management of Gruppo Piccin SA informs the national and international opinion that the resignation of Mr. Marc Debandt has not in any way affected the pace and quality of work on the Olembe project site. The new teams of equally qualified engineers and technicians are always at work and the work is continuing in serenity, the press release concluded.

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