Public Health: Minister dispels Rumors on banned Anti- Malaria Drugs in circulation

The Minister of Public Health , Andre Mama Fouda has refuted claims that banned mono-therapeutic anti- malaria drugs withdrawn from European markets are still in circulation in Cameroon.
In an official statement dennying the allegation, Minister Andre Mama Fouda stated that the list of the incriminated drugs had been withdrawn from the Cameroonian market since 2006.

The withdrawal was in accordance with the recent medical directives that recommend Artemisinin-based combination therapy ( ACT) for the treatment of malaria.

Accordingly, no oral mono-therapeutic malaria drug is authorized in the Cameroonian market.

The Minister however stated that all drugs are liable to side effects reason why the National system of pharmacological vigilance keeps a close watch.

Also, after recent complains, the Minister instructed competent authorities to quarantine another controversial anti-malaria drug, Co-Arinate tablets for adults and children until investigations are over.

A WHO annual report for 2016 reveals that malaria is still a major public health concern in Cameroon.
Based on this fact, the Ministry of Public Health, WHO and its partners have been working hand-in-gloves to roll back the infection.

Kathy Neba Sina

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