Senatorial Elections: A Look at the ‘etat major’ of political parties

Following the convening of the electoral college for the senatorial elections, political parties are in conclave to agree on a common policy.
Those that have resolved to take part are actively bracing up and strategising on how to get the votes of municipal councilors.

Other parties are yet to announce their decision while others have stated they will be absent from the elections.

So far, five political parties are already set for the elections.
# The Cameroon People’s Democratic Party, ( CPDM)
# The National Salvation Front ( FSNC)
#The Union of the People’s of Cameroon ( UPC)
# The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress( ANDP)
# The National Union for Democracy and Progress ( NUDP)

Meanwhile, the Centre Delegate for the Social Democratic Front, Emmanuel Ntonga says his party has set up a committee to deliberate on the party’s participation.The decision will be made public by week-end .

Maurice Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movements ( MRC) and the Alliance for Progressive Forces has taken the decision not to participate in the senatorial elections.
Electoral campaigns for those to participate begins on 10th March 2018.

Kathy Neba Sina

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