The Army: President Paul Biya reorganises the army, creates 5th combined military region

The President of the Republic has signed a series of texts reshuffling the army.

The most significant of them is the creation of a fifth combined military region with command post in Bamenda.

The North West Eegion has been curved out of the second military region, a region that formerly grouped the Littoral, South West and North West Regions.

The newly created combined military region now groups the North West and West Regions.

The National Gendarmerie also has a fifth region with command post in Bamenda.

Many consider the reorganisation of the army as a measure to respond to recent security threats.

Experts explain that it is also an adequate response to the socio-political challenges experienced in some parts of the country.

The creation of new combined military and gendarmerie posts is another effort at bringing the army closer to the population for a collective effort to uphold the country’s territorial intergrity.

Other texts signed by the President of the Republic reorganise the air force, the motorised infantary batallion and the health sector of the military.

A number of military officers were appointed to different posts of responsibilty within Cameroon and in Cameroon’s embassies abroad.

Pamela Bidjocka

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