Valentine’s Day: A look at the origin

 Cameroon is in the 14th February 2018 celebration mood.

Its Saint Valentine’s day- a day  in honour of a Catholic Martyr and Monk, St Valentine who was beheaded for promoting love and marriage amongst military couples and those engaged and ready to be wedded.

He was imprisoned and later  killed in Rome by the Roman Emperor – Claudius on 14th February 270 A.D. for going against the Emperor’s new law that prohibited marriage amongst the military.

Valentin’s day is celebrated by couples and would be couples and even  youths below the age of marriage.

Youths  below the age of marriage view Valentin’s day as a day when gifts are exchanged.

Gifts and partners that were prepared long time ago through ballot papers either at school or in the neighbourhoods.

Partners that could hail even from the same sex all for the sake of filial love.

On the contrary other youths, even though below marriage age will erase whatever meaning from Saint Valentine’s “Pius messages” they call then become a couple in a day.”

To the married or unmarried it is a day to show love through the exchange of gifts and love messages between loved ones.

Irene Mbang Tata


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