CPDM: Preparations for 33rd Anniversary heat up nationwide


The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement will be 33 years on 24th March 2018.

Supporters of the party nationwide have been attending meetings in preparation for the anniversary that comes up at a crucial period in the history of the party.

With the National Chairman as Head of State, the anniversary celebration will be an occasion to seize up the achievements of government and revisit the challenges faced.

Seventeen months into the Anglophone crisis, CPDM supporters will definitely encourage the President and pray for more clairvoyance in the management of the crisis.

The decentralisation process that has taken a leap with the creation of a new ministry is sure to figure on the number of issues to be discussed.

The present celebration comes up one day before the Senatorial Elections, a plus for the party that already has the majority municipal Councillors called upon to elect the senators.

The anniversary is celebrated under the theme “Everyone in support of the President of the Republic H.E. Paul Biya, in the acceleration of the completion of the decentralisation process, catalyst of development and democracy in peace, unity and national integration.”

A communique by the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee Jean Nkuete calls on the party big wigs and supporters to be examples of patriotic Cameroonians during the celebration.

The party hierarchy is challenging supporters to use the party’s 33rd anniversary to preach national unity and peaceful coexistence.

The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement was created during a conference in Bamenda from the aches of the defunct Cameroon National Union.

The 33rd anniversary will be celebrated nationwide with a major highlight, political rallies.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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