2018 Cycling Tour : Last minute meeting set the pace

 The countdown for the 2018 Cameroon International Cycling Tour is near and preparations have heightened as just two days are left to go.

The Cameroon Athletics Federation is on the offensive putting in place best strategies ahead of the prestigious event.

The Federation has been organising a series of preparatory meetings the most recent this Wednesday 7th March 2018.

The meeting considered the last and the most decisive before the final countdown to the 15th edition of the cycling tour was presided over by the President of the Cycling Federation, Honoré Yossi.

The get-together attended by staff of the Federation and members of the Organising Committee had the following revelations;

-On the budgetary aspect of the event,the Federation is still to receive the package that will enable them ensure a successful organisation.

-It was also revealed that the organising Committee has already made public the final list of the participants.

The local cyclists retained for the big event are;

1- Tekou Damien

2-Sikandi Ghislain

3-Priso Lobe Alain

4-Ngomeni Kuissi Éric

5-Kuere Nounawe Robert Éric

6- Ngeh Martin

Coach -Dieudonné Ntep

SNH Velo Club

1-Kamzong Abossolo Clovis

2- Tella Arthuce

3- Fozing Dassie Robert

4-Tientcheu Boris

5-Yao Gadji

6- Bissa Badjoda

Director- Tega Martinien

-The itinerary for the arrival of foreign delegations was also made public;

1)Thursday 8th March 2018 (7:30 p.m)– Arrival of Franco Fernandes, official of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

7:40 p.m- Arrival of Experts from the International Cycling Federations

10: 40 p.m –Arrival of the Rwandan cyclists

Friday 9th March 2018, 7:20 p.m – Arrival of participants from Congo Brazzavile

The competition taking place for eight days (10-18 March 2019) has been organised thus;

First Lap: Pouma-Kribi (10/03/2018)

Second Lap: Kribi-Douala (11/03/2018)

Third Lap: Douala-Douala (12/03/2018)

Fourth :Douala-Limbe (Semme Beach,13/03/2018)

Recess in Limbe (14/03/2018)

Fifth Lap: Mbanga-Bafang (15/03/2018)

Sixth Lap :Bafoussam-Dschang (16/03/2018)

Seventh Lap: Tonga-Bangante-Tonga.

The nine participating countries in this year’s edition of the cycling tour include host Cameroon,Gabon,Congo Brazzavile, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo DR, France, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

Benly Anchunda

Elvis Teke

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