2018 Elite One Championship : Day-6 as it happened

Games counting for the 6th day of play at the ongoing 2018 MTN Elite One Championship have been fielded in stadia nationwide


The nine topflight games were recorded this Wednesday 7th March 2018 with a shocking victory registered by Bamboutos FC of Mbouda over Eding Sport FC of the Lekie,2-0.

Accordingly, a total of nine games were fielded with twelve goals during the day-6 action.

There were three home wins; Unisport of Bafang, Fovu of Baham and Colombe of the Dja and Lobo

Three away wins; Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun,Cotonsport of Garoua and Bamboutos of Mbouda

Three draws with two of the games finishing on a full time score of zero all.

After day-6, Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda imposed itself as the only team in the competition yet to loss a game.

Day-6 in figures

YOSA 0-0 Dragon FOVU of Baham 1-0 New Stars of Douala

UNISPORT of Bafng 1-0 Astres of Douala

UMS of Loum 0-0 Stade Renard of Melong

Union Sportive of Douala 0-1 Coton Sport of Garoua

Colombe of the Dja and Lobo 1-0 Aigle Royal of the Menoua

Eding FC 0-2 Bamboutos FC of Mbounda

Apejes of Mfou 2-2 AS FORTUNA

YAFOOT FC 0-2 Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun.


YOSA is the only team still to concede a goal in this ongoing championship.

Aigle Royal of Menoua is the only team still to score in 6 outing this season talkless of winning a game.

Apejes of Mfou is one of two teams still to win a game this season.

Dragon,Astres and YAFOOT, have failed to win any of their last 4 games.

Bamboutos scored her first ever goal in 5 games since the start of the 2018 Elite One Championship.

Defending champions Eding Sport FC failed to score for the first time this season.

Classification after Day-6

1- Feutcheu FC 11 pts

2- Fovu 11 pts

3- Unisport 10 pts

4-AS Fortuna 10 pts

5- UMS Loum 10 pts

6- YOSA. 10 pts

7- Bamboutos 9 pts

8- Cotonsport 9 pts

9- Colombe 9 pts

10- Eding sport 8 pts

11- Astres 7 pts

12- USD 7 pts

13- Stade Renard 5 pts

14- Dragon 5 pts

15- Apejes 4 pts

16- New Stars 4 pts

17-YAFOOT. 4 pts

18- Aigle Royal 3 pts

Benly Anchunda

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