Apostolic Nuncio: Vatican appoints Julio Murat to Cameroon

Pope Francis has this 24th March 2018 appointed Julio Murat as Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon.His Grace Julio Murat replaces Pierro Pioppo who left Cameroon to Indonesia in 2017.

The new Apostolic Nuncio was born on 18th August 1961 in Izmir, Turkey.

Julio Murat was ordained Priest on 25th May 1986 in Turkey.

Holder of a PhD in Canon Law, he joined the Diplomatic Services on 1st January 1994.

He then worked in the Vatican Diplomatic Missions in Indonesia, Pakistan, Belarus,  and Austria.

In January 2003, he served at the Section for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State of the Holy See.

On 27th January 2012 Julio Murat was appointed Apostolic Nuncio in Zambia and titular archbishop of Orange.

He was later appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Malawi on 6th June 2012.

The learned man of God speaks German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, English and French.

Apostolic Nunciature of Cameroon

Address: Rue du Vatican, B.P. 210, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Established in 1966 as Apostolic Nunciature of Cameroon

Past Papal Representatives

Apostolic Nuncio:  Archbishop Piero Pioppo (2010.01.25 – 2017.09.08)

Apostolic Nuncio:  Archbishop Eliseo Antonio Ariotti (2003.07.17 – 2009.11.05)

Apostolic Nuncio:  Archbishop Félix del Blanco Prieto (1996.05.04 – 1996.06.28)

Apostolic Nuncio:  Archbishop Ernesto Gallina (1969.07.16 – 1971.03.13)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Santos Abril y Castelló (later Cardinal) (1989.10.02 – 1996.02.24)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Donato Squicciarini (1981.09.16 – 1989.07.01)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Giuseppe Uhac (1976.10.07 – 1981.06.03)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Luciano Storero (1973.06.30 – 1976.07.14)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Jean Jadot (1971.05.15 – 1973.05.23)

Apostolic Pro-Nuncio:  Archbishop Luigi Poggi (later Cardinal) (1966.10.31 – 1969.05.21)

Source: http://www.gcatholic.org/dioceses/nunciature/nunc029.htm

Eleanor Ayuketah

6 pensées sur “Apostolic Nuncio: Vatican appoints Julio Murat to Cameroon

  • 24 mars 2018 à 13 h 51 min

    Hello, thanks for the news on the appointment of a new apostolic nucio but I wish to find out, how come he was appointed by the former Pope (Benedict xvi) instead of the current pope (francis)

    • 3 avril 2018 à 12 h 53 min

      Sorry about that lapse, it has been corrected. Thank you for the vigilance.

  • 24 mars 2018 à 16 h 26 min

    CRTV de honte !!! Pope Benedict XVI ? Voilà où va l’impôt des Camerounais. C’est le Pape François (Pope Francis).

    • 3 avril 2018 à 12 h 52 min

      Merci pour la vigilance, c’est corrigé.

  • 24 mars 2018 à 20 h 48 min

    Please, can this article be corrected. Pope Benedict resigned in 2013. The said Pope, who had resigned, cannot therefore be the one to appoint the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon in 2018. Besides, the link at the bottom of this article does not carry the entire story. It only takes the reader to the list of past Apostolic Nuncios to Cameroon. It will be good to specify. Besides, the link closes your website and this is unprofessional. Thank you.

    • 3 avril 2018 à 12 h 43 min

      Thank you for the vigilance. Your critique is much appreciated and we apologize for the lapses. Be sure they will be corrected.


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