Kribi Deep seaport : 4000 jobs projected as commercial activities begin

Commercial and operational activities at the Kribi Deep seaport have been launched this Friday, 2nd March 2018 by the Director General of the Kribi Port Authority, Patrice Melom.

The launching was marked by a guided tour to a cargo ship named Bianca.

Guided visit of Bianca

The ship in full capacity of 8500 containers ducked in Kribi at about 8:30 am Friday 2nd March 2018.

The biggest cargo ship so far to have ducked in Cameroonian waters, took off from Point Noir in Congo had to off load some 400 containers before continuing its journey to other ports in Africa.

Some 375 containers will transhipped using smaller vessels to other nearby ports while 25 containers destined for Cameroon will be stored at the container terminal for customs clearance.

The Director General of the Kribi Port Authority, Patrice Melom told reporters that “Hence forth it’s going to be normal activities at the Container Terminal of Kribi Deep-sea port. I can already announce that about 12 transit ships are expected at this port during the month of March alone.”

Discussing the transportation of goods from the Kribi container terminal to other parts of the country, the DG indicated that the multilane motor way between Kribi and the port is 80% complete.

Biggest ship so far to duck in Cameroon

He was positive that this will reinforce transportation added to the available tarred roads.

The Director General Manager affirmed that government plans to have the motorway continue from Kribi to Edea to connect with the Yaoundé – Douala multilane road.The Kribi port seaport has been conceived to have very large capacity ships while smaller ships will transport goods to other nearby ports.

The development of an industrial complex around the port significantly contributes to easing commercial activities, boost economic growth and create multiple jobs for the youth.

In addition to commercial activities at the port, a cocoa transformation factory will be constructed.
The factory is expected to generate three hundred direct jobs.

The Director General contended that this first phase of operation at the Kribi Deepsea port complex will generate some 2000 direct jobs and 2000 indirect jobs.

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2 pensées sur “Kribi Deep seaport : 4000 jobs projected as commercial activities begin

  • 16 avril 2018 à 14 h 49 min

    I am so happy so far with the hard work of the government of Cameroon through thus initiative of building a second seaport in the nation which i believe and know it will create more jobs both directly and indirectly to people like us in the maritime domain.
    Long live Cameroon government.
    Long live Mr. President.


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