Promotional sale: Ministry of Trade targets chicken for the easter feasts

The Ministry of Trade has begun special promotional sales for chicken. The sales are ongoing at the courtyard of the Ministry ends on 31st March 2018.

The Ministry through the exercise, intends to ensure a steady supply and fight against price hikes during this festive season.
To ensure the success of the operation the Ministry of Trade has partnered with some suppliers.

Consumers can presently obtain a chicken of about two kilograms for 2850-3000frs.
The normal price for the same size in other markets in Yaounde is 3500- 4000frs.
Through out the promotional sales the Ministry is keeping a close watch at unscrupulous retailers who might be tempted to obtain the low cost chicken and resell them at the exhorbitant prizes.

Why Chicken is Expensive

Chicken is of very high demand because of its nutritional value. Most often the price witnessed unexplains the rise.

Suppliers advance two major reasons for the high price:
# The consequences of the Avian Flu which affected the West Region about two years ago. The region is the biggest chicken producer in Cameroon, supplies chicken to other major cities. These producers have not recovered from the devastation caused by the flu.

# There was extra-ordinarily high demand for chicken during the end of year festivities. Suppliers say they need more time to replaced the quantity sold out during this period.

These hurdles notwithstanding, chicken producers have resolved to work with government to weed out the bad seeds (dishonest stakeholders) in the sector.

Some of these producers are grouped in associations to obtain government assistance and render the sector more productive.
Little wonder promotional sales like that which is ongoing gets total adhesion.
The Ministry of Trade has also undertaken to organise similar promotional sales during festive periods and whenever there is scarcity.

Kathy Neba Sina

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