Public Health: Global Fund disburses 118 billion CFA to roll back HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and

The Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda has officially launched a Global Fund subvention program worth 118 billion frs CFA , to fight against HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

The grant is part of the Fund’s mission to assist countries fight against pandemics.
Through partnerships, the Fund makes yearly investment to support programs run by local experts in countries that are in need. Cameroon has been receiving huge grants from the Fund because of its effective policy in fighting epidemics including tuberculosis and malaria.

The Secretary of State for Health Alim Hayatou, the French Ambassador to Cameroon Gilles Thibault and representatives from World Health Organization, the American Embassy and kingdom of Spain were part of the crowd present at the ceremony this Friday 16th March in Yaounde.

The grant shall be apportioned as follows;

# National Program for the fight against HIV/AIDS= 50 billion

# National Program for the Fight against Malaria = 40 billion
# National Program for the fight against Tuberculosis= six billion

# CAMNAFAW involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS =14 billion

The Ministry of Health has identified a series of activities on which emphasis will be laid, in the next three years.
The activities will be geared towards achieving the following objectives;

# Curbing malaria infection in pregnant women
# Decreasing the spread of Tuberculosis

# Cutting down on Malaria related deaths
# Preventing Malaria attacks in children under five in the North and Far North Regions
# Organising the third national campaign to distribute 14,600 treated mosquito bed nets to

The Cameroon – Global Fund partnership

Corporation between Cameroon and the Global Fund began in 2003. The country has signed fifteen subvention accords with the Fund.

Seven of the fifteen were dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS, five on Malaria and three on Tuberculosis.

In all, the Global Fund has granted close to 250 billion frs CFA as subventions to Cameroon .

The Ministry of Public Health has undertaken to have 90% of Cameroonians screened for HIV/AIDS, and 90% of those living with the disease receive free antiretrovirals within the next three years.

Kathy Neba Sina

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